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  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification 2016
    08/12/2016 - 11/12/2016
    5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification 2016
Get rid of negative emotions and create your goals

8 – 11 Dec 2016
5.30 – 10.00 pm
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

This training is accredited by and following the standards of The Time Line Therapy Association

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Get rid of negative emotions & limiting decisions and create your goals using the ‘Law of Attraction’

Time Line Therapy®
Time Line Therapy® is a series of techniques that use the natural memory storage system of the mind to change your perception of the past, present and future.

TLT™ is a highly respected and extremely effective way of quickly releasing painful and damaging emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt.

They are literally removed so that you become free of inappropriate emotions. In addition, you can easily and quickly remove self limiting beliefs and decisions leaving you free to be happier and even more successful.

Time Line Therapy® enables you to reprogram your past, and to place goals into your future so that they happen just the way you want them to, and at the time that you want them.

Why become a practitioner of TLT
• Does your past or emotional baggage hold you back
• Do you feel lots of anger, periods of apathy, sadness or depression
• Does the smallest setback trigger a massive “downer”
• Would you like to be free from unwanted anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, and fear
• Do self limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good” or “making money is hard” block your success and happiness
• Would you like to be more in control of your emotions and life
• Would you like to assist your clients to make profound and lasting change

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Training
Before Time Line Therapy humans had two options for dealing with unwanted emotions. We could EXPRESS them, through shouting, or crying etc, or we could SUPPRESS them, by pushing them down into our unconscious mind.

Now with Time Line Therapy®, we have a third option. We can RELEASE them.

Some other therapies merely help you to “understand” them, or “work through” or “feel better about” them. But they do not RELEASE them.

With Time Line Therapy® you can RELEASE ALL of your negative emotions. When emotions are released they are gone, deleted, absent, disappeared, vanished.

This training is accredited by and following the standards of The Time Line Therapy Association

Who should Study Time Line Therapy®?
Whilst many people learn TLT™ for their own personal development and healing, these techniques are invaluable to practitioners and professionals. Time Line Therapy® puts you in a unique place in the market with a skill that is highly saleable and sought after.

TLT™ is essential for teachers, trainers, therapists, healers, consultants, hypnotherapists and psychologists. If you are an entrepreneurs, business executive, sales person, managers, athlete, entertainer or performer, you will also find it invaluable.

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What will I learn?
Release unwanted emotions for yourself, other individuals and a specific technique.

Delete limiting decisions for yourself and others.

Put goals in your future so that they are achieved (Using the Law of Attraction & TLT).

• Elicitation of the Timeline
• Time Line Positions
• Time Line Therapy® Technique
• Removing Negative Emotions
• Removing Traumatic Memories
• Removing Limiting Decisions
• Setting goals & Creating the Future®

What if I learn TLT
Imagine seeing more success in your life more consistently and more predictably. Imagine feeling happier, confident and secure more of the time.

What would your life be like if every time you found an emotional problem you had a solution that would only take a matter of minutes at your fingertips

Imagine using your skills for maximum impact quickly and effectively. Rather than leaving your future to luck and chance, imagine feeling your goals being drawn towards you.

About the Trainer
• Certified NLP Trainer
• Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer
• Certified NLP Coaching Trainer
• Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
• Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™
• Certified Firewalking Instructor from F.I.R.E
• Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Certified Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Certified Hypnotherapist
• Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
• Member of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Member of the American Board of NLP Coaching division
• Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
• Member of the Time Line Therapy™ Association
• Trained by Dr. Tad James the creator of Time Line Therapy™
& one of the most eminent members of the world’s NLP Community
• Trained by Dr. Michael Hall, the founder and developer of Neuro-Semantics.
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Your Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Manual
Your Time Line Therapy® Certification
Coffee Breaks & meals during the training

Normal Registration 2600 LE
Early Registration : 2200 LE before 1 November 2016

Deadline for reservation is 10 November or till places are reserved

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► Bank Deposit/Transfer
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