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07/01/2018 10:00 am

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    07/01/2018 - 11/01/2018
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Do you need to understand how your subconscious works and affects your life?? and how can you handle your subconscious to overcome your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths?
Do you want to optimize your communication, rapport & listening skills?
Do you want to be persuasive & influence others?
As an executive, do you want to coach your subordinates to achieve better results?
Do you want to be a certified life coach?
Do you want to get an NLP Certification from Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)?

هل تريد ان تفهم كيف يعمل اللاواعي و كيف يؤثر في حياتك؟ هل تريد ان تعرف كيف تتعامل مع اللاواعي لتتغلب على نقاط ضعفك و تستفيد من نقاط قوتك؟
هل تريد تحسين قدرتك على التواصل مع الاخرين و قدرتك على الاستماع للاخرين؟
هل تريد ان يكون لديك القدرة على اقناع الاخرين و تكون مؤثر فيهم؟
كمدير هل تريد ان تقود فريق عملك ليحقق اعلى نتائج و اهداف في العمل؟
هل تريد ان تكون مدرب حياة معتمد؟
هل تريد الحصول على شهادة معتمدة في البرمجة العصبية اللغوية من مؤسسة نيروسمانتكس العالمية؟؟

Join “Coaching Essentials” program, NLP Certification from Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) from 7th of January to 11th January . From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
With Hossam Fahmy

من يوم 7 يناير إلى 11 يناير “ندعوك لحضور برنامج “أساسيات الكوتشينج” و هو شهادة برمجة لغوية عصبية معتمدة من مؤسسة نيروسمانتكس
من الساعه 10:00 صباحا – 3:00 مساءا
مع حسام فهمي

مكان البرنامج: مقر لوسيد ترنينج: 14 ش مصطفى مشرفه-السبع عمارات – الميرغنى تانى شارع يمين بعد التوحيد و النور مصر الجديده

Coaching Essentials Training
An Internationally Accredited Certification from the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) and the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

This six-day program introduces coaching essentials to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching, and sets you off on a life-altering learning journey. You can take this training as standalone training or as module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.

You’ll graduate from Coaching Essentials with:

» An advanced communication model for razor sharp communication.
» The tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others.
» Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said.
» Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others to achieve personal goals.
» Rapport skills for creating business and coaching success.
» A precision questioning model for getting to the heart of profound change.
» Accelerate performance with transformational feedback skills.
» Overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and your clients’.
» An inspiring start to a career as an internationally certified Meta-Coach.

Who must attend this program?

» Individuals and organizations commitment to communication excellence.
» Experienced Coaches wanting an introduction to Coaching with NLP.
» New Coaches wanting an Introduction to Coaching and NLP.
» New Coaches wanting to take the Fast Track to becoming an Associate Certified Meta-Coach.
» Experienced NLP Practitioners wanting to refresh and learn how to Coach with NLP.
» Managers and supervisors wanting to create peak performance in their teams.
» Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Pilates Instructors to help sustain client motivation and success.
» Parents and Teachers wanting solutions for parenting and teaching kids and teens.
» Coaches focused on Performance Coaching (Coaching skills and behaviors).

In the words of Coaching Essentials Graduates.

“It opened many doors of possibility. For the first time I was offered the choice of perspective and began learning the skills that would allow me to improve the quality of anything I chose to focus on. This opened up new avenues of moving through the world, allowing me the choice to live my life with purpose, or Not, but most importantly it started a journey of learning and growth that are key components of my coaching identity.”
Tim Goodenough, ACMC – Sports Performance Coach

“I had already been identified by peers as an excellent communicator, and I learn for the first time how to easily ask the “right” questions while communicating. It is so much to write, of what I learn. I learn to help myself, clients and team members. I learn how to combine the tools I already have and to expand to an unlimited area. I have better rapport with clients and workmates and most importantly for them to find their inner skills and strengths. Outcome – it has made my job easier!”
Sandra Dacar, ICMC – Internal Coach

“.I honestly don’t know where I would be without this course. My knowledge and skill levels increased enormously, thus making a massive difference in my confidence as a coach. …it gave me such incredible skills that I know I am now able to coach at a much deeper and transformational level. For any people out there wishing to be at the pinnacle of the coaching profession, then these trainings are an absolute must.”
Rachel Grant, ACMC – NLP & NS Trainer and Meta – Coach

“I learnt a new and awesome way to use language. I gained a mega load of tools and resources to use in my life, work, family and relationships. I have learnt a balanced and more wholesome approach to life. A deep transformation. I feel a higher space of where I am coming from. Thank you for sharing your time, energy and knowledge in a loving, safe and wholesome environment.”
James Charlesberg, Personal Coach

Coaching Essentials – Notes on prior learning

There is no prior learning required for participating in Coaching Essentials. If you have NLP or Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognized Institute, you can skip this Module and go straight to Module 2.

Coaching Essentials suggested reading includes:

Introducing NLP, John Seymour and Joseph O’Connor or
Users Manual for the Brain Vol 1, Bob Bodenhammer and L Michael Hall

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Date: 7/1 –11/1/2018
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Normal Price: 3500 EGP
The price of first 10 places : 3000 EGP

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