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  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification 2017
    08/12/2017 - 22/12/2017
    5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification 2017
Receive your Certification Through
The American Board of NLP

8 Dec – 22 Dec 2017 ( 2 WEEKS )
5.30-10.00 PM
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

For booking & more information call
01021460034 for Whatsapp or SMS

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This training is accredited and following the standards of the
American Board of NLP


Some of the topics covered during the training:
★Quantum Linguistics
☆Sleight of Mouth
16 ways of answering any kind of objection
☆Meta Model III
How to use a set of specific questions to direct your client’s thinking in a more positive way
☆Prime Concerns
Discover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness
A fail-safe negotiation model

☆Learn how to use the verb tense to conversationally put present problems in the past and future solutions in the present
☆Learn how to use language with volition as a resource for success
Discover how easy it is to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively, during conversation

★Personal Values
☆Discover what motivates you, what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious source of ethics and fulfillment
☆Learn how to identify the part of values which do not serve and support you anymore
☆Identify and get rid of unconscious values conflicts (I.E. I want to make money, but if I work hard I won’t have any freedom).
☆Thinking in relation to values and your personal evolution
☆How to change values so that they support your desires and growth
☆How to use values alignment in business, sales, management, relationships, etc

★Meta Programs
Unconscious inner patterns that make you who you are

☆Discover how these inner filters make people have different skills and abilities.
☆How to select the people you consider most suitable for certain jobs in a win-win situation (extremely valuable in business)
☆Learn how to elicit Meta Programs conversationally without intruding in client’s personal life

★Advanced Submodalities
Refined use of submodalities.
☆Use hardwired neurological drivers to create lasting change
☆Learn how to manufacture patterns according to your client’s individual needs.

★Advanced Strategies
☆Learn how to install strategies
☆Advanced elicitation of strategies with particular business (sales, management) applications

☆How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself.
☆How to create a training program to install models of excellence

★NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design


• Certified NLP Trainer
• Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer
• Certified NLP Coaching Trainer
• Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
• Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™
• Certified Firewalking Instructor from F.I.R.E
• Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Certified Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Certified Hypnotherapist
• Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
• Member of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Member of the American Board of NLP Coaching division
• Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
• Member of the Time Line Therapy™ Association
• Trained by Dr. Tad James the creator of Time Line Therapy™
& one of the most eminent members of the world’s NLP Community
• Trained by Dr. Michael Hall, the founder and developer of Neuro-Semantics.
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you will get internationally recognized certificate
Upon successful completion of this training, you will be certified as an NLP Master Practitioner approved from the American Board of NLP.


Since we are a certified Institute of Neuro-linguistic Programming from the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we train and teach the same syllabus that is taught worldwide using the same height level of standards, as a result your certification is internationally recognized and accepted. In our past trainings we always received the highest rating on our evaluation from our students.

We provide lifetime support on any training you take with us. If at anytime you have a question or need some help, we’ll be there for you.

Personal Attention
Our ratio of staff to students is exceptionally high. From the moment you enroll we are available to assist you. This ensures you the support you need to get the outcomes you want.

As all our courses your satisfaction is guaranteed

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– ABNLP Master Practitioner Course Manual
– Your Certificate approved from the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
– Coffee Breaks & Meals during the training
– Lifetime support

Normal Rate: 9997 EGP
9250 EGP for early payment before 8 Nov 2017

You may pay in easy installments if you prefer.

** Payment of first installment is required in advance before 8 November.

Deadline for reservation is 1st of December or till places are reserved

This training is accredited and following the standards of the
American Board of NLP


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